Preserved Properties

Land Trust Trails are open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after sunset.
Among the many acres of land entrusted to the care of the Land Trust you will find large tracts dedicated to recreational use.  Enjoy your visits to our public properties and five Nature Preserves (three of which are each larger than Central Park and are within Huntsville city limits) and experience the unique trails and treasures they provide.

For everyone’s benefit and safety, please adhere to our simple land use rules so that we may continue providing a positive outdoor experience to all.

– Trails are open dawn to dusk.
– Visitors must stay on marked trails.
– Please leave no trace – carry out what you carry in.
– Pets are required to be on a leash.   (In consideration of other hikers, wildlife, and poison ivy.)
– No fires or camping; no climbing or rappelling.
– NO hunting.
– Bicyclists must yield to hikers. Bicyclists 16 and under must wear a helmet.
– Please wait 24 hours after rain before using trails. (Hikers/Bikers/Horseback Riders)
– Motorized vehicles or bikes are not allowed unless authorized for maintenance and/or specific events
by the Executive Director or the Land Manager.)

– Removal of plants or minerals is NOT allowed.
– Horses are allowed ONLY on Wade Mountain Nature Preserve.)
– Properties may not be used by other organizations for fundraising purposes.

Wade Mountain Exception
Horses are allowed on Wade Mountain.

Three Caves
The Three Caves property is posted NO TRESPASSING. Access to Three Caves bowl and interior is by Land Trust permission ONLY. Credentialed Safety and Rescue Organizations may be granted special use for training exercises on a case by case basis.  Requests for entrance should be made for each event.


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