Wade Mountain Nature Preserve

Currently 843 acres with 8.5 miles of trails, you may hike, bike, or ride horses on this Preserve. (Note: Wade Mountain Preserve is the *only* Land Trust Preserve upon which horses are allowed.) Featured on this property is the Devil’s Race Track which has one of the best views north of Huntsville, with views to Tennessee on a clear day.

The geology of the arm of Wade Mountain, on which Devil’s Race Track resides, influences the area’s microclimate, which may be considered almost semi-arid. The arm of the mountain is capped by a layer of sandy soil. Water drains the area quickly, leaving little for the plants. ‚Ä®Therefore, the variety of plants is somewhat different from those typical of the area and most are smaller than normal. Fossils may be found in the rock exposed at Devil’s Race Track.

Wade Mountain Preserve Parking Area:
Drive north on Memorial Parkway past Alabama A&M University. Turn left onto Hollow Road (first road north of Winchester Road). Turn right onto Spraggins Hollow Road. The Land Trust parking lot is on the right, just past the third 90 degree turn in the road. (Access to arm of Wade Mountain known as Devil’s Racetrack.)

Access to eastern end of Preserve:
Enjoy the Toyota Environmental Pavilion on Huntsville’s Dry Creek Greenway at 6960 Pulaski Pike, then proceed to Land Trust Trails.

Wade Mountain Nature Preserve

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