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Headed Toward the North…

December 16, 2016
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Reports have come in recently recounting possible reindeer sightings on Land Trust Nature Preserves. Several reports indicated reindeer on the new Blevins Cove property up near the spring located high up in the cove.

A Blossomwood neighbor reported what looked to be reindeer flying over Three Caves and additional reports came in with sightings at Harvest Square and Bloucher Ford.

These creatures appear to be moving in a northern direction. With less than two weeks to Christmas, we are hopeful that these reindeer have moved on to the North Pole where they will embark on their Christmas deliveries.

We are grateful for all of those in our community that have given of their time, talent, and dollars to make 6,200+ acres of greenspace available – for families to enjoy and many other critters – including “reindeer” – to have a place to live.

We hope that North Alabama and the Land Trust’s Nature Preserves are now part of the new Reindeer migratory route that will bring Santa’s reindeer here year after year.

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