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Reindeer News UPDATE!

December 15, 2016

Santa’s reindeer continue to move through the Huntsville area!

Rosie Spaulding, current Land Trust staff, confirmed reports of reindeer on Land Trust’s Blevins Gap Nature Preserve.

Spaulding, an avid wildlife enthusiast, spotted the reindeer (two to be exact) on her way home from work.  They were flying into the low clouds hanging over the Land Trust parking lot on Cecil Ashburn.

Hallie & Frankie visit a Nature Preserve

“If I think about it, It was perfect weather for the reindeer,” reported Mrs. Spaulding.  “It was right at dusk and they were somewhat hidden by the fog and low light.  It was just awesome!”

Several other reports came in to the Land Trust office from folks driving over the Gap on Cecil Ashburn toward Hampton Cove.

Scientists are now speculating that the recent drought may have driven these creatures out of their normal habitat  “If our calculations are correct, we should see these reindeer moving quickly through our area northward. “

Please let the Land Trust know if you happen upon a reindeer or evidence of one on a Land Trust Preserve!  We will be assisting scientists as they record and monitor their movements.

The Reindeer love  our natural lands. Would you like to save more of these incredible green spaces?  We hope you’ll choose to support the Land Trust  with a year-end gift.  Click the link below!