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Preserve North Alabama’s resources

The Land Trust leads regional and community collaborations that plan, preserve, and provide stewardship for green space in North Alabama. Our mission is to preserve North Alabama’s scenic, historic and ecological resources through conservation, advocacy, recreation and education.


Created from a passionate community-driven conservation effort.

Incorporated on June 24, 1987, the Land Trust was established as a result of a passionate community effort to prevent development on the western slopes of Monte Sano. In the late 1980’s, the City of Huntsville established an Ad Hoc Committee to review slope development and open space issues. The result was the creation of Alabama’s first land trust – the Huntsville Land Trust. Initially managed by a dedicated group of volunteers and board members, several donations of land were received in the first few years. The Trust for Public Land helped to negotiate the purchase of the 547 acres on Monte Sano, becoming the Land Trust’s first public nature preserve. By 1997, the Huntsville Land Trust held 950 acres of property and was showing a steady increase in membership support. In just five years, those land holdings would grow to over 3,000 acres. The organization’s name was changed to The Land Trust of Huntsville & North Alabama in 1998, then again in 2010 to Land Trust of North Alabama in an effort to better reflect the broader mission of service to ten counties in North Alabama.



To date, more than 10,000 acres in six counties have been preserved. Over 80 miles of public trails have been developed and are maintained by staff and volunteers. These lands include habitat for rare – and in some cases, endangered – species. Land Trust properties remain protected and, in many cases, are open to the public for outdoor recreation, research, and environmental education. Land Trust of North Alabama, now a nationally-accredited conservation land trust, has become the conduit for establishing a mosaic of natural areas throughout the North Alabama area, allowing all residents easy access to experience nature first-hand. Through land preservation, the natural character of the community is preserved, its essential spirit is maintained, and the quality of life of its residents is permanently enhanced.

Why We Love Land Trust!

  • “The Land Trust’s mission of Conservation, Advocacy, Recreation, and Education is one that I am passionate about because both keeping North Alabama wild and beautiful while providing the recreation and education opportunities for future generations to be able to do the same aligns with my family’s history of land management going back five generations.”

    Matt Powers, Chair
  • “I love serving the Land Trust of North Alabama. The organization brings together such a diverse group of North Alabama citizens that share in the common belief that together we can conserve the beautiful part of the world where we live, enjoy its splendor and share the good news with young and old through our vibrant education programs. “

    Glynn Below, Past Chair
  • “I became a member of the Land Trust through my love of hiking the great preserves the LTNA has established in and around Huntsville. It is an honor and a pleasure to support such a dynamic and effective organization with their mission…preservation-recreation-education.”

    Joseph Paull, Vice Chair
  • “I am passionate about serving on the board of directors for the Land Trust of Alabama because the preservation of North Alabama’s natural scenic beauty resonates deeply with my love for the outdoors and my desire to protect the region from unnecessary disturbance and damage, ensuring that the Alabama landscapes that bring us comfort and peace are safeguarded for generations to come.”

    Joey Azar
  • “The Land Trust of North Alabama has preserved land in our area since I was a kid and awarded me opportunities to value the outdoors in our area; I now get to experience that same joy with my family/kids and therefore have a passion for being involved with our continued mission in preserving North Alabama’s scenic resources for the purpose of education and recreation in our area.”

    Nicholas Rockhill
  • “I support the Land Trust because I believe in their mission, and that it’s vitally important to protect the beautiful natural landscape in and around our community.”

    Stuart Obermann
  • “I am passionate about the Land Trust because it provides people with the opportunity to access and experience nature. “

    Katie Amos Beasley
  • “We are so fortunate to live in one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world that we can enjoy today and conserve for generations to come.”

    Gary Bolton, Treasurer
  • “We’re blessed to live in an area rich with ecologically diverse natural spaces, and the Land Trust helps us preserve that for present and future generations.”

    Cullen Brown
  • “I am passionate about the LTNA because they preserve our green space for the benefit of our community and all the generations to come!”

    Ryan Chaffin
  • “I love taking folks out to explore the many beautiful locations the Land Trust has preserved in North Alabama; once they see and experience these wild places they’re sold on our mission.”

    Mike Dalen
  • “As an avid trail runner and hiker I want to support the Land Trust in preserving these places.”

    James Falcon
  • “I’m passionate about the Land Trust’s mission and the long-term impact that preservation can have on our community and the world.”

    Megan Gully
  • “LTNA’s preservation of North Alabama’s green space will forever impact our region. I am thrilled to play a role alongside an incomparable LTNA team and Board of Directors.”

    Lindsey Pattillo Keane
  • “Experiencing and preserving nature is vital to me and I am proud to help the Land Trust accomplish its goals.”

    Ryan Reed
  • “I am passionate about the Land trust, because it is a very unique way to leave a legacy of land, green space and a healthy lifestyle to future generations.”

    Karen Stanley
  • “I love that the Land Trust cares for our environmental and community, providing greenspace for our future generations.”

    Matthew Wilson
  • “I grew up in the Blossomwood area and have been hiking the trails since I was a little boy looking for fossils with the neighborhood kids in the creeks. My children loved to go on hikes when they were young as well. Now they are adults, and we still enjoy the Land Trust trails. Huntsville is unique because you can be downtown and in minutes you can hit one of the many trails and get away from it all.”

    Bart Smith


    Marie Bostick
    Executive Director
    Andy Prewett
    Land Manager
    Hallie Porter
    Development Director
    Tim Gels
    Education Director
    Kate Gribbin
    Recreation Manager
    Melanie Manson
    Marketing Director
    Amanda Weisenberger
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Jeannine Dorroh
    Financial Administrator
    Tim Barnack
    Land Steward
    Lori Pence
    Land Steward
    Debbie Wright
    Donor Relations Associate
    James Hunter
    Land Steward – Cane Creek Canyon
    Kat Robertson
    Land Steward – Cane Creek Canyon