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Protecting What You Love!

August 1, 2022
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Many of you have supported North Alabama land preservation for years. Your annual Land Trust membership support and gifts to land acquisition campaigns have protected more than just 9,000 acres of land.

You’ve protected trail and wildlife corridors, waterfalls, and farmlands. You’ve protected miles of river and creek frontage, as well as the plants and animals that inhabit those aquatic habitats. You’ve also made it possible for species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, except right here in North Alabama, to flourish safely. You have given our community places to explore, exercise, and experience all that our incredible natural areas have to offer, and we are truly grateful.
As you are well aware, North Alabama is rapidly growing, with new homes, shops and businesses around every corner. As our population continues to increase, the demands we place on our natural resources increase. Therefore, we must continue to preserve our incredible natural areas before they are developed or are isolated by development.
You can actually continue your preservation efforts far after your lifetime with a gift through your estate. Leaving a gift to the Land Trust through your will is a profound way to make a forever gift that will benefit people, plants and wildlife for generations. As August is “Make-a-Will Month”, please consider creating or updating your will to leave a percentage of your estate to the Land Trust of North Alabama. You can do this by talking with your attorney or, you may use FreeWill, an online estate planning tool that allows you to create a will at no cost. A gift through your will, enables you to continue what you’ve already begun and will ensure a bright future for land preservation in North Alabama. Development without preserving the unique landscape that we share; will forever change the place we call home.

If you have any questions or need additional information about legacy giving options, please do not hesitate to call Hallie Porter, Development Director, at 256-534-5263.