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Support Urgently Needed to Preserve Marshall County Natural Treasure

August 18, 2017
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The Land Trust of North Alabama is calling for urgent community support to preserve an exquisite 32-acre property in Marshall County. Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls contains all that makes North Alabama’s landscape exceptional: plentiful wildlife, native plants, a 250-foot limestone bridge, caves, and waterfalls. It has become an iconic Marshall County landmark and treasured by local residents but may no longer be available for the public to enjoy without immediate support from our community.

Years ago, the current owners of this property stumbled upon it on an outing to Marshall County. It was a diamond in the rough but after years of meticulous maintenance the grounds are now a one-of-a-kind showcase of North Alabama’s unique natural features as well as an oasis for native wildlife. Although, the owners believe that this property is a gift to be shared with others – now and forever, recent life changes have presented an uncertain future. The owners are unable to donate the property but have offered The Land Trust of North Alabama the first opportunity to purchase and preserve this natural treasure. If it is not acquired by the Land Trust, this incredible property will be at risk of being sold on the open market, becoming inaccessible for public enjoyment, and there will be no guarantee that its natural features will remain protected. With 30 years of conservation and preservation experience, Land Trust of North Alabama needs to raise $500,000 by the end of 2017 to preserve the property forever and maintain public access.

***UPDATE: This fundraising campaign has closed.***


Additional Information about the Property and Project:


Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls is stunningly beautiful, but it is the understated attributes that drive the property to the forefront of conservation need. Beneath the bridge is a significant sinkhole with a waterfall. Just around the corner is a second cascade of falls that culminate in a cave at the base of another sinkhole. The resulting cave which extends quite some ways beneath the property has been explored and mapped. The water that flows from a year-round spring is so clean that it is currently used to provide drinking water for the home. These waters eventually flow into Lake Guntersville. With a constant water source and protective hardwood forest, the wildlife is abundant – flycatchers can be seen plucking insects from the air, foxes appear at dusk, as do deer, coyote, and raccoon. It is an oasis steeped in biodiversity and it needs to be preserved and protected.



Many of the preserved lands in North Alabama, particularly those with somewhat similar attributes, are accessible only for those who have the ability to hike in and explore.  The ease of accessibility to this property by all, regardless of age or ability, is one aspect that sets it apart.  Those who are physically unable to navigate a rocky trail may simply park and enjoy the natural features from a manicured lawn. For children and families, this property offers a safe entry into our natural world that inspires deeper exploration.



We need your help to save this natural treasure! Donations to support the preservation of Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls can be made HERE. Contributions of any size are appreciated. If you have questions about the project, please contact Land Trust of North Alabama at 256-534-5263.