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Stories of the trail (kind of)

February 1, 2017
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The edges of the laminated map were worn. It had survived many show & tell moments with disbelieving folks learned that beautiful Three Caves IS just 2.2 miles from Huntsville’s Big Spring Park.

A dapper and fit gentleman wore an expression of concentration as he studied the well-used little map.

Leaving a finger pointing to a particular spot, he looked up and said thoughtfully, “I’ve lived in Huntsville for 30 years. But I’ve just started using these trails. And, I’m a new Land Trust member – love the Map App.  Just think what I could have been enjoying all this time!”

On the other side of the room, a woman related how she used the trails for exercise in the face of a possible negative medical diagnosis. Time on the trail has become a bonus in her life.

“This past weekend was the busiest I’ve ever seen on the (Land Trust) trails. From bikers to hikers to folks with big dogs – the weather was gorgeous and people all had smiles. Well, some were trying to catch their breath because they had just climbed the hill. But they were still happy. That’s what I love about the trails. Everyone wants to be there and they are glad that they are.”

We are so fortunate that folks tell us their trail stories. Some are life changing. Most all of them are encouraging and uplifting.

What’s your story? Start that new chapter today by visiting a Land Trust property. Acres and trails preserved all for you.