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Trail Care Corps

Individuals or organizations can become an essential partner in the maintenance of Land Trust of North Alabama’s over 80 miles of trails across 10 public nature preserves. By giving of your time and energy, you help enhance a quality of life for our thriving community.

To join our Trail Care Corps, please complete the enrollment form below.

Program Overview

  • At time of enrollment, the Land Trust will work with you to select one of the following roles: Trail Monitor, Trail Lead, Trail Crew Member, or Trail Organization/Group.
  • Each role is vital and in no set hierarchy; however, the responsibilities differ by position.
    • Trail Monitor – Monitor and/or maintain a designated trail, trailhead or preserve for the enrolled period. This role may work well for individuals or small groups seeking to care for their favorite trails or preserve on a flexible schedule.
    • Trail Lead – Lead and/or organize trail workdays for private and public groups. This role is recommended for volunteers accustomed to our trail care workdays and processes, who are comfortable leading others in areas such as trail building, carpentry, rock work, and/or vegetation management.
    • Trail Crew Member – Regularly participate and spread awareness in trail workdays at one or multiple preserves, serving alongside Trail Leads and helping to guide novice trail care volunteers. This role is ideal for individuals accustomed to our trail care workdays and processes, who are interested in a variety of trail care activities and/or preserves.
    • Trail Organization/Group – This role is designed for groups and organizations seeking to actively monitor and/or maintain a designated trail, trailhead or preserve. The responsibilities of Trail Organizations and Groups may include each of the TCC positions and will work in close partnership with the Land Trust to serve larger Land Management objectives.
  • Trail Care Corps members agree to a commitment of one year of trail monitoring and/or maintenance.
  • Groups shall designate a point of contact.
  • Once an individual or group is enrolled as a TCC member, an initial work event and orientation will be conducted in coordination with Land Trust staff.
  • Trail Care Corps members agree to fulfill responsibilities on at least a quarterly basis to provide adequate oversight and assistance to the Land Trust. Additional monitoring and/or maintenance is appreciated especially after weather or wind events to ensure trails remain accessible. However, no monitoring should be conducted during a severe weather or wind event.
  • Trail Care Corps members will communicate with the Land Trust to report any problems or issues encountered, to document volunteer hours for all participants, and to provide any photos of your work. You will receive reporting details during your orientation. These simple guidelines in conjunction with your initial orientation will hopefully provide a framework for a fun, successful year on the trails. We could not do it without you! Thank you for partnering to help maintain Land Trust trails for all to enjoy.


Complete the form below to enroll yourself or your group in our Trail Care Corps program.

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