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10,000 Acres Conserved in North Alabama

May 1, 2023

Land Trust of North Alabama has reached a tremendous milestone with the conservation of over 10,000 acres across the region.

These acres protected by the community provide habitat and resources to irreplaceable wildlife and plant species, serve as essential spaces for outdoor recreation and discovery, and ensure opportunities for generations to come to experience North Alabama’s unique natural wonders.

Bethel Spring Nature Preserve

Land Trust properties are incredibly diverse and beneficial, including flood storage and buffer areas along rivers, creeks, and wetlands, forests that improve air quality and provide wildlife habitat, agricultural lands with rich, fertile soils, and water recharge areas that help maintain a healthy groundwater aquifer. Beyond the environmental impacts and obvious scenic beauty, these lands also significantly contribute to overall quality of life by enhancing educational opportunities, attracting visitors and businesses to the area, and providing health and wellness resources.

Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

A recent and significant land donation from Concord Land Development, Inc. of 144 acres in central Huntsville brought the organization to this conservation achievement and will open in June 2023 as the Land Trust’s tenth public nature preserve. Hickory Cove Nature Preserve is nestled within the Trailhead community near the intersection of Highway 72 and Moores Mill Road. The property includes a 1.75-mile established trail known as Legacy Loop, which begins from the City of Huntsville’s Trailhead Greenway. The mountainside features a historic spring house, rocky bluffs, wet-weather falls, and a beautiful, diverse forest. We’ll share more soon about this beautiful property!

A portion of the land has also been identified as an ideal location for the Land Trust’s future Nature Discovery Center. This welcoming, inclusive gateway to outdoor recreation and natural discovery for North Alabama has long been part of the Land Trust’s vision and will allow the organization to reach a broader audience with the goal of establishing a community understanding of the value of nature and its protection. 

Green Mountain Nature Preserve

The Land Trust was established in 1987 as the result of a passionate community call to save natural spaces in the midst of development around Monte Sano. Since its creation 36 years ago, the organization has grown and evolved as residents identified new areas of need and now serves 10 counties across North Alabama. 

Paint Rock Valley (Jackson County)

“Conserving land in the core of our community, even as we are experiencing this surge in growth, exemplifies the values and belief our community has in saving our unique natural lands. Surpassing 10,000 acres of conserved land is an extraordinary community accomplishment and will serve as a catalyst for even greater conservation efforts” said Marie Bostick, Land Trust of North Alabama Executive Director. 

Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

Conservation Celebration

Tuesday, May 2 from 5:30-7:30 PM
Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

Join us to mark the occasion with a campfire, picnic dinner, and sunset from the Blevins Gap Overlook!

Celebrate with us!